As I think of shortcuts I normally do with food that I forget to post with my recipe or substitutions, I will post them here

EVOO=Extra virgin olive oil. Thank you Raechel Ray for getting me hooked on calling it that

Milk. I always substitute cream in a recipe for milk. Usually whole just because that is what I like. If this doesn’t thicken up enough for you, you can add a roux made of butter or water and flour and add it. This is ten times easier than buying cream for one recipe. You can also do this with skim milk, I just don’t drink skim so I always have whole.

Whole Wheat noodles. I always use them whether specified or not. It helps me balance the protein out in my dishes when I don’t add meat and helps me cut back on the amount of meat I need to use to make it a full meal.

Broth. I almost never make my own broth from scratch. Honestly, I’ve actually never done it. Ever. I most always use bouillon in the powdered form (Orington Farms is my favorite and I make my mom ship it to me since I cannot find it in LA) or Better Than Bouillon for my veggie bases, which does need to be refrigerated.

I have a fresh herb garden now and am trying to use a lot of those. I will try to specify whether or not I am using fresh or dried herbs. If I’m cooking something for a long time, I will use dried, i.e. in the crockpot, otherwise I am trying to use a lot of fresh since I have it now.

Gravy flour is awesome. If you’ve never used it, it makes thickening sauces super easy. It comes in a blue cylinder container by Gold Medal I believe. You can mix it with a fat or water to make a roux that won’t clump. I’ve gotten good enough that I just sprinkle a little and whisk quick enough that it doesn’t clump.


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