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Massive Planter Stand


So over the winter, I discovered I have a gardening problem. I really, really, really like planting things. Since I’m in between houses and at my parents for the moment, I wanted to keep all my herbs and lettuces in pots for easy transplant and so that I can bring them inside during the winter, assuming my new house will have room for an indoor greenhouse haha. So I needed somewhere to put all my planters that would be out of the way but still get sun and be close enough to the house that I could go snip a few herbs for dinner. Thus began my disgusting process of hauling rotting 2×6’s (complete with nasty bugs) and most everything else with the lawn mower across the yard. I’m pretty happy with the end result and I did it all myself! Except for cutting the 4×4’s as I am still not allowed to use a saw.

Here is the end result!

Planter Stand

Planter Stand

I’m pretty proud of it. Here is a picture of just the frame

Planter Stand

It’s made out of 2 stair risers, 3 2×6’s, and a couple spare 4×4 posts. You could definitely just use 4 stair risers if you have them or want it to look nicer, but I wanted to use what I had. That also meant using nasty, rotten wood. Hence all the 4×4 supports. I also am only using plastic planters on it right now just in case. My dad did test it and walk up it like stairs, and it’s still standing so that’s a plus. He wouldn’t walk on the top shelf though as that one was pretty iffy.

This project took a lot more work that it looks. The original stair risers were already connected to stairs so I had to take them apart and then get the new (rotten) 2×6’s. I could have used 2×8’s since they are 8 inches deep, but I didn’t have those available. Once I had connected all of the 2×6’s, I had my dad cut 4×4’s to the height needed and then just screwed them in place. It is free standing as it is just a temporary fixture until I get my own place.

Planter Stand

Ignore the broken bird bath in the bottom corner. I owe my mom a new one since I dropped this one moving it out of the way. Whoops!

The sad part is that my dad didn’t understand why it had to be so long. 8 feet?! He thought that was ridiculous. Until I filled it up. And still have 5 planters on the deck, three in the kitchen, and a decorative one on the pool deck. In addition to what I put in the vegetable garden. We will be eating good this year! Oh and I still have basil seeds to plant and some weird mini pumpkins on a stick. The gardening never ends! At least I don’t have to weed 😉


Mother’s Day Garden Sign


I think I actually did a craft that turned out from Pinterest. This would not end up on this Buzzfeed post. At least I hope not. This was my first time ever using a wood burner and I really loved doing it! I will have to invest in some goggles though as my glasses did not stop the smoke from going into my eyes. For some reason, it didn’t occur to me that the burning wood would smoke. Who knew?! Anyway, I’m just going to show you some pictures now

Inspirational Pin

March 2011 137

And here is how mine turned out =]


Yes, I realize you can’t tell what it says right now. Hold up, here’s a few working shots


The first one is after I got all the burning done and then this next one is after my dad cut it. Apparently, at 22, I’m still not allowed to use a power saw. Probably a good parenting decision, not gonna lie.


Then my sister and I stained it and nailed it to a 2×2 and put it in the ground. I thought I had more pictures, but apparently, I don’t. So these will do as they are lovely. Yes, I did look up local weeds as well so that it was an accurate description of my mom’s garden haha.