Las Vegas!!!


So over Cinco de Mayo weekend, this girl was in Vegas! Anyway, just wanted to share a few of my experiences and pictures with you guys!

We had a lot of plane and airport trouble and didn’t get in until about 2am so the first night we were exhausted. So we bought champagne at Walgreens and called it a night. This was honestly good champagne, minus the fact that I exploded it all over my friend’s suitcase, but that’s not important. It was so bubbly that I could barely drink it but the next day it was perfect! And, pretty cool souvenir if I say so myself.

Vegas Baby!

On Cinco de Mayo we went out to Senor Frogs and got drinks and dinner. The drinks were delicious and the food delicious but the best part was I got sat in front of the “I’m sexy and I know it” sign and there is a lady who makes balloon hats! I’m not sure where you go to school for that, but she was awesome. So I got a lips balloon hat, and yes, I wore it all night. Even after we left the bar =] No shame!

Vegas Baby!

This is the Hoover Dam. It was boring. This isn’t even the dam cause the dam was ugly, so this is the body of water over it. Boring.

Vegas Baby!

We did an O2 bar for the first time too. It was pretty weird, but it smelt good. Had to try it once, right?

Vegas Baby!

Oh, and favorite meal. Shrimp Scampi Crepes! These were seriously delicious and I could eat them everyday for a year. Or ten. Just saying…

Vegas Baby!

We did a ton more stuff but I don’t have the pictures for it so here’s just a sample. I had an awesome time in Vegas and can’t wait to tag along when my relatives go later this year!


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