Mongolian Steak


I’m back with more Chinese food and less guilt! It’s my favorite way to eat Chinese food now and I honestly rarely ever crave it anymore from takeout. It’s awesome! I followed this recipe almost exactly, but did cut the brown sugar in half as we don’t have a big sweet tooth in this house.

Mongolian Steak

Original Recipe

Mongolian Steak

1lb Steak, thinly sliced. I used flank steak



1/2t Grated ginger

1T Minced garlic

1/2c Water

1/2c Soy sauce

1/4c Brown sugar, not packed

1/2t-1t Red pepper flakes, depending on how spicy you like it

1. Coat steak in cornstarch. The original recipe says to used 1/4c. I just poured it on and shook off the excess in my hands as that was easiest

2. In skillet or wok, heat 1T EVOO with ginger and garlic until fragrant, about 1-3 minutes. Add water, soy sauce, brown sugar, and red pepper flakes and cook just for a minute or so to mesh the flavors and dissolve the brown sugar. Pour into a bowl and set aside

3. Use other 1T of EVOO to brown the steak in. Once it is browned, add the sauce back in and let simmer until desired thickness. The longer it cooks, the thicker it will get with the cornstarch. Ours only took about 5 minutes and it was perfect

Mongolian Steak

Serve with rice or veggies and enjoy!


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