Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken


Last time I made a whole chicken in my crockpot it turned out decent but a lot of work and didn’t have the explosion of flavor I was looking for. I also cooked it too long. This one I also cooked too long but the spice rub turned out awesome! And even though it was waaay over cooked, it still was somehow juicy and delicious. I think crockpot chicken is more of an at home thing so I can check on it not a at work thing. Like a Sunday dinner while we do yard work  but don’t heat up the house type of thing.

Rotisserie Chicken (Crockpot!)

Original Recipe

Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken

1 Whole chicken, insides removed. Mine was about 6lbs


1t Thyme

1t Garlic powder

1t Salt

1t Black pepper

1t Paprika

1/2t Sage

1/2t Cayenne pepper

Foil to wad up in balls at bottom of slow cooker

1. Wad up a couple balls of foil and place them in the slow cooker. I use about 4 or so

2. Slather chicken with EVOO

3. Mix together all spices and rub over entire chicken, top and bottom

4. Place chicken in slow cooker on top of foil and cook on LOW for about 6 hours. I did 7 and it was too long. So at 6 hours, check the internal temperature with a thermometer as all slow cookers vary on their heat

Eat yummy chicken for a few days =]

Rotisserie Chicken (Crockpot!)



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