Slow Cooker Whole Chicken


This is the first time I have ever made a whole chicken. It was not a disaster so that’s good. It wasn’t absolutely mouth watering but the flavor was awesome. Next time I will take it out of the slow cooker a little before it’s done to broil instead of waiting until its fully cooked to broil. I think that took some of the moisture out. That being said it was still delicious and I will definitely be trying it again! I was however, a little taken aback when all of the insides were still attached. Not just chillin in there. When I made a turkey I remember the insides being packaged up inside in case you like gizzard and stuff. Nope. I definitely had to pull the stuff off of there. Kinda gross but I got over it. I based this loosely on how my parents cook their turkey seasoning wise and then added some stuff so it was good.

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

1 Whole chicken, insides removed. Mine was about 6lbs

Herbs de Prevence or Italian seasoning

Salt and pepper

1 Carrot, chopped

1 Celery Rib, chopped

1/2 Onion, chopped

2 Sprigs Rosemary

2 Pats butter, if Broiling

1. Rub Herbs de Provence and salt and pepper all over your bird. If you’re adventurous, you can even rub it under the skin. I tried and it didn’t totally work.

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

2. Inside cavity, place carrot, onion, celery, and rosemary. Depending on the size of your bird you may have to add more or less as my bird was stuffed good.

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

3. Place a few balls of foil in the bottom of your crockpot to lift the bird up from the bottom. This way the bottom doesn’t all fall off the bone from sitting in juices.

4. Cook on high approx. 4 hours or until your meat thermometer reads 165. If you plan on broiling it to get the skin crispy, I would take it out around 155.

5. If broiling, turn broiler on high and transfer bird to oven safe dish. Place two slabs of butter on top of the bird and broil until skin is crispy and thermometer reads 165. Let sit a few minutes before slicing to distribute juices and enjoy!

I will be making Cheesy Chicken Wild Rice Hotdish tonight with the leftovers and sharing the recipe =]


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