My Favorite Smoothie! Raspberry Orange =]


This is a smoothie I have been making for years and have just started making a few changes to it. I started using greek yogurt, for protein, and now I throw some spinach in there! You can’t taste the spinach at all and it doesn’t turn a nasty poop green color. Gross. Dun dun dun! My favorite yogurt flavor is vanilla but I didn’t have that this time so I used mixed berry. When you use greek yogurt, you don’t have to stir it up like you would if you’re going to eat it since the blender will do all the work for you =] Also, some people like to use fresh fruit for smoothies. I think they’re crazy. If you use frozen fruit you don’t need ice! Genius! It is my biggest pet peeve when I drink a smoothie and I can taste the little ice chunks. Nasty.

Raspberry Orange (spinach) Smoothie

Raspberry Orange (spinach) Smoothie

6ish oz Frozen raspberries (I just used about half a bag)

1 Greek yogurt, whatever size the normal container is

2 Big handfuls of fresh spinach

1/2-1c Orange juice, depending on desired consistency

1. Layer items in blender with raspberries first, yogurt, spinach, and orange juice. I find this way mixes stuff better otherwise you’re just swirling around yogurt and juice

2 Blend. Pretty hard, you know?

3. Add more juice depending on consistency. I normally like mine with a straw and nice and thick but we didn’t have straws so I made it thinner

This makes approximately 32ish ounces of smoothie so either two smoothies or one really big one. I opted for the second option =]


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