Fish Tacos!!!


Since the boy got his boat back in October, he has been fishing like nobody’s business. Last time he went out, they got a ton of fish. Like a lot. A few weeks ago I took the boy out for Mexican (or he took me out, depending on how you look at it haha) and he got fish tacos for the first time. They were so good and I wanted to recreate the deliciousness at home. fish marinade but it was pretty easy. The real shine was the slaw and seasoned sour cream. I love seasoned sour cream, if I have it in my fridge I will eat it on everything possible. So, on to fish tacos!

Fish Tacos

Original Slaw Recipe

Fish Tacos


2lbs White fish, we used a mix of trout and redfish

3-4T Lime juice

1-2T Cilantro

1. Marinate fish in lime juice and cilantro. Grill or pan fry until fish is done


2c Shredded green cabbage

2-3T Mayo, depending on how saucy you like it

2T Dried cilantro

1T Lime juice

1t Jalapeno hot sauce

1. Combine cabbage, mayo, lime, and cilantro. Taste and add any additional seasonings if necessary. This is where I added the hot sauce and adjust to taste

Seasoned Sour Cream:

1c Sour cream

1/2t Cumin

1/2t Garlic powder

2T Taco seasoning

Hot sauce if desired for heat

1. Stir in all ingredients. I normally make this when I have half a tub of sour cream left and just snack on it

Assemble the tacos:

Fish Tacos

1. On tortilla shells, arrange slaw, fish, and sauce. Roll up and enjoy. I like mine without cheese but the boy just eats fish, cheese, and hot sauce on his. He’s weird. Enjoy! This makes about 4-6 tacos depending on how topping heavy you are =]



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