New pad!


I’m so excited, I finally got a replacement for my hazardous computer and I am in love with it! I’m updating you from my new tablet with docking station. And it’s windows 8 so it’s just like my computer and so perfect! I just got it last night and was a good girl and waited for it t charge and everything before I used it so go me =] Lt night our water pipe broke so I got a little time to play with it while we were waiting for the water company to get here to shut off the water. I just love this thing. And I got it off groupon so score! Anyway, we made pizzas last night and I will put that recipe up when I got some more time later today for you guys. Have a happy Wednesday!

 I tried to just add a picture but apparently I don’t know how to do that yet haha. It’s on my list to figure out!


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