Since I made these delicious Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic last night, I was dying to try them in a BLT today. It was beyond amazing. I’m not even going to write about  it, you just need to make it and eat one. I made it for lunch and I plan on making one for dinner as well. No shame.


Original Recipe


2 Slices bread

4 Slices bacon, cooked

4 Slices roasted tomatoes, warmed in the bacon grease you just cooked




Fresh roasted garlic, I think I used 5 or 6 cloves, don’t judge me, just love me

1. Once bacon and tomatoes are all warmed up, assemble sandwich. Layer lettuce, bacon and tomatoes on one slice of bread and spread mayo, sprinkle basil, and squish garlic cloves on the other side

2. Put both pieces together and grill. I use our George Foreman but you could also do it grilled cheese style in a pan on the stove or a toaster oven or just toast the bread first and call it a day. As long as you eat this sandwich it really doesn’t matter


DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any OD’ing of this sandwich. It is highly addicting and you have to know that going into it. This could be a gateway sandwich to itself…


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