The Best Way to Eat Cabbage, EVER!


This is very easy to make vegetarian and very easy to make not vegetarian. It just depends on what type of bouillon you use. If you use veggie, it’s vegetarian. If you use beef, it is not. I will leave that choice up to you. I use whichever is closest to my stove at the time. I know the picture looks iffy, but my phone was charging and does not have a long plug so i took this picture on my bedroom floor. Don’t judge, you do what you have to do, alright!

EDIT: New pictures! Told you it didn’t look gross =P

Super Cabbage


Super Tasty Cabbage

2T Butter

1 Bag shredded green cabbage, think coleslaw without the red cabbage and carrots

1T Bouillon, either beef or veggie, your preference

Garlic salt and pepper

1. In a large pan, melt butter and stir in bouillon. Instead of dissolving in water like broth, we are making a concentrated flavoring for the cabbage

2. Add cabbage and cook until soft. It will take a few minutes and make sure stir so that all the cabbage will get cooked and coated in that buttery goodness!

Super Cabbage

3. Add salt and pepper to taste. TASTE BEFORE YOU SALT! Bouillon has a lot of salt in it and depending on the brand you use, you may need none at all


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