Lemon Rosemary Tea


So this is kind of flavored water but I’m calling it tea since the original recipe does and I’m doing more than just adding lemon slices to it. It sounds like herbal tea. It does taste more along the lines of flavored water so just an fyi, this is not a super strong flavor. It is, however, very refreshing and delicious and I am drinking some right now =] I didn’t wash my rosemary as well as I thought I had and did have a very little bit of residual dirt down and the bottom but I’m all for dirt so oh well

Lemon Rosemary Tea

Original Recipe

Lemon Rosemary Tea

1 Lemon, sliced. Wedges worked best for my pitcher

4 Sprigs rosemary, washed

Water, I think my pitcher is 52oz? It’s around a quart and a half without actually being a quart and a half

1. Put lemons and rosemary into strainer for pitcher. Or plop them right in your water just be careful not to pour them out with the water

Lemon Rosemary Tea

2. Fill pitcher with warm water and let sit overnight.

3. Enjoy that sweet, sweet hydration =]


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