Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms


Cream sauces are starting to be my enemy. Just the ones with acid in them. This is supposed to be balsamic cream. Nope. This milk that the boy insists on buying is all natural and crap so it curdles instantly. With almost everything. And it’s way expensive. But I deal. It could be his way of not wanting me to make creamy food but this just means anytime I make something creamy it will be loaded with cheese. Muahahaha. This tasted super delightful without the milk and I will continue making it this way. I did try to add the milk so there is about 1T in there but it started to curdle so I stopped before I ruined the whole thing. Crisis averted! I also halved the recipe but kept the same amount of mushrooms so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it with pasta, but the sauce would definitely be awesome with some noodles or rice.

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

Original Recipe

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

1/2 Onion, minced

8oz Mushrooms, halved

3T Butter

2 Chicken breasts, cut into pieces

1/4c Chicken broth

2T Balsamic vinegar

Dash of salt and pepper

1. In large frying pan, melt 2T butter. Add mushrooms and onions, cook until slightly soft but not fully cooked

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

Is there anything more delicious smelling than onions and butter? I really don’t think so =]

2. Add 1T butter, salt and pepper,  and chicken. Brown chicken on all sides but don’t worry about it being fully cooked as it will cook in the sauce

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

3. Add chicken broth and balsamic vinegar and let simmer until chicken and veggies are cooked thoroughly

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms

This recipe is tried and true! It has officially been remade according to my directions and turned out awesome =]


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