Bacon Pancakes!


Who doesn’t like bacon and pancakes in the morning? Not a single person I know. Well, my sister is vegetarian so I don’t think she’d appreciate the bacon but yay pancakes! Anyways, I saw on pinterest making pancakes with bacon in them! What a splendid idea, I thought. So this week I tried it. It wasn’t bad, but since there wasn’t bacon in every bite, I would have preferred to just enjoy it separately. Once I started adding two pieces of bacon to each pancake they were better. I feel like bacon crumbles would be better as they would distribute throughout the pancake even better.

Bacon Pancakes

Original Recipe

Bacon Pancakes

1lb Bacon, fried as crispy as you like

Pancake batter, I use Pioneer baking mix

1. Put bacon in pan

2. Pour pancake batter over bacon

3. Cook like a pancake, flipping when there are lots of bubbles in the top of the batter

Bacon Pancakes

4. Devour

Bacon Pancakes

That one’s a little brown but it has two pieces of bacon which was far superior


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