Back in Business! Kinda…


My computer is still mostly broken but the man is out at a football game so I’m jacking his computer tonight. Muahaha. Also, I fell asleep on New Year’s Eve at like 10. So I’m drinking a very large mimosa and may make a few spelling mistakes. Forgive me, I will fix them later and I hope it doesn’t ruin any of your recipes. I also am going to apologize to everyone who is subscribed to this blog via email as your inbox will blow up tonight. Sorry, but not that sorry =]

I also went home with the boy for Christmas and have some awesome pictures so I will post a few of those as well.

We saw this tree in Southern Minnesota, whoever took the time with all of those lights in my favorite person ever. It was around 11pm when we drove by it on our way up and luckily it was still dark around 6am when we drove by it on our way out so that we could snap a picture

Christmas Lights

The first day we were up there we went to Taylor’s Falls to see the St  Croix river and so the boy could drag us over to Wisconsin just so he could say he had been there. He snapped this awesome picture of the river right where it began to freeze.

St Croix

And I got pushed in the snow by my sister…

Fall Progress

For Christmas dinner we always eat crab legs. Since I wouldn’t be up there until the 26th I bribed them with some fresh shrimp for the gulf to get them to wait. They devoured them. We finished 7lb of colossal snow crab legs and 5lbs of shrimp. Needless to say, walking up sledding hills later was definitely needed.

Shrimp Dinner

On our last day we went to the Minneapolis Art Institute and got to check out the skyline and some awesome art. I don’t think we saw even half of it. That place is HUGE and we kept getting lost.


After the art institute we went to Minnehaha Falls since they were frozen and they looked awesome! We decided to play it safe and not venture down to the falls and we’re kinda lazy. But they looked beautiful all the same!

Minnehaha Falls

I hope everyone had a bless Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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