Pepper Jack Juicy Lucys =]


This is my favorite burger ever. Also, it is SUPER adaptable. Don’t like pepper jack? Use cheddar or American, or whatever you so desire. We made these burgers massive this time. 1/2 pounders. Usually I only make 1/3lb burgers but we were hungry. And you know 2 burger for 2 people works better than 3 for 2. You catch my drift? I personally love pepper jack cheese as does the boy. It also doesn’t get super melty like American so it doesn’t ooze out and burn you which I find to be a plus.

Juicy Lucy!Juicy Lucy

Pepper Jack Juicy Lucy

1lb Ground Beef

2-4 Slices pepper jack cheese, depends on how many burgers you make. I use 1-1 1/2 slice per burger

Garlic salt

Steak seasoning, I used Montreal but use whatever you have

Buns, again, depends on how many burgers you make

1. Heat up grill or whatever you feel like cooking these on. We always use the grill

2. Split ground beef into twice as many burgers as you are making. If you are making 1/2lb, split into four, if making 1/3lb, split into six. You will need two patties for each burger

3. Pound out all patties into flat circles as flat as you can. Remember, each burger needs two patties. Sprinkle all patties with garlic salt and steak seasoning.

4. Tear up pepper jack into pieces that will fit into the burger with a little extra burger room around them. I divide mine into four and stack them in the middle.

Juicy Lucy!

That is one patty made and two ready to get squished together

5. Place patties together and squeeze the edges together so no cheese will come out during cooking. Mine leaked a little this time but who cares.

Juicy Lucy!

6. Cook until desired doneness, ours were mediumish. We got impatient. Serve on buns with whatever condiments you like. I eat them plain, the boy likes bbq sauce on them. He split his into two so he could get more bread.

Juicy Lucy!

Juicy Lucy!

It was a long day and we were both starving so after the 3 minutes it took us to down these burgers, we served up some popcorn as well. Yay for popcorn!


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