Gumbo Gumbo GUMBO!!!


Gumbo is a Louisiana thing and it’s probably the best thing ever. I’ve had jambalaya from a box and honestly, I think it’s better from a box than homecooked. I have yet to have good, real jambalaya. Gumbo, however, is a different story. I had never had gumbo until I moved here and holy bajeesus. It is delicious. I wish I could put a recipe up here for you but I have yet to figure  out how to make it. It’s on my list. My boyfriend, on the other hand, makes an OUTSTANDING seafood gumbo. Like really good. There’s a few things that I know goes into it and I’m planning on figuring out the whole roux thing in the next few weeks with a different recipe and the maybe tackle gumbo later.

It starts with a flour and oil mixture that is cooked until it turns a dark brown color. It smells awful and tastes awful. The whole house will smell like burnt popcorn. And if you feel like tasting it, burnt popcorn. I have no idea how something that gross turns into something so delicious, I will probably never know.

Then you add chicken broth, Cajun spices, and peppers and onions and whatever other veggies and spices you like. And then, this part is my favorite, SEAFOOD! You can make gumbo with chicken, sausage, shrimp, crab or any combination of them. Or other things but those are the most common/traditional.

Then it tastes delicious, we eat ours with rice and the for the next few days with rice. The huge pot never lasts long. EVER.

So here’s a picture of last night’s gumbo, yes those are whole crab claws, and yes, I did pick the meat out of them =]


And after

No Gumbo


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