Christmas is coming!!! (40th Post Celebration!)


It’s almost December which, despite everyone’s growing Grinch attitude, is my favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas, both in a month’s timespan, provide for awesome family time, thankfulness, and love. I still can’t understand why other people hate this time of year. While I have quite a Christmas list, it’s all about giving. I understand people get greedy around this time but DON’T LET THEM GET YOU DOWN! It will just sadden you and ruin your Christmas, which is no fun. Anyway, since I work a zillion hours this week as it’s Black Friday this week (retail) and the salon I am at is opening on Tuesday I will have no time to decorate next weekend. Or I won’t want to as I’ll be super tired. So I took full advantage of that this weekend. I went and did most of my inside decorating on Friday and finished with lights on the house today =] Here’s a couple pictures for you to enjoy!

Christmas Lights

Icicle lights! Took two trips to Walmart to find the ones we could afford. I bought the normal ones the first time so I could at least have some and the boy turned me right around so we could find the better ones and we found them cheaper. WOO! Also, neither of us fell off the roof putting them up so that’s a plus.


Made this garland on Friday and I love it! I haven’t trimmed the extra string yet but you can’t really see it


This is the “dining room table” that’s more of not for food. Just whatever. I’ve never actually eaten here before but it looks good!

Candy Dish

Sixlets are my favorite candy, and coincidentally the boy’s too, so whenever they have them around the holidays I stock up. Which means we have to have a candy bowl. And a snowman to keep watch. I had sixlets and eyeballs for Halloween and there’s still two eyeballs in my sixlets and candy cane bowl now haha

Front Door

Got our welcome sign and Santa’s key out by our front door! I had no idea where to put this welcome sign since we use the door in the carport not the front door but it went on the front so other people could enjoy it too!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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