Alcohol Adventure!


So I’m going on an alcohol adventure! I’m making some homemade liquor for someone for Christmas (can’t post that one yet since it’s still a month away) and I decided to look at some other concoctions I could make. I bought vanilla beans for the mystery one and had one left over so I’m using it up! It’s also almost Christmas so this girl is on a peppermint fix. So candy cane vodka and cinnamon vanilla vodka have erupted!


Original inspiration

Candy Cane Vodka

3 Candy canes

Some vodka. I used about 2/3 of a wine bottle. Essentially just so the candy canes were all covered.

1. Pour in a bottle and let it sit. This one says only 2 days so I’m going to try it later this week and see if I need to add more candy canes and will update this post. It turned pink in the 5 minutes it took me to find my camera so that’s probably good!

2. SHOTS. Or in hot chocolate which is what I plan on doing =]

UPDATE: It’s only been a few hours since this post and my candy canes have gone missing! They completely dissolved in my vodka so I tried it and it still tastes too vodka-y for me. I added two more candy canes and I assume they will be gone by morning.

UPDATE ROUND 2: I’ve let this sit about a week now and it’s delicious, I highly recommend making this. Just an fyi


Cinnamon Vanilla

2 Cinnamon sticks

1 Vanilla bean, cut open with a sharp knife

Vodka. I used about the same amount. Just enough to cover my vanilla bean. Probs 2/3 of a 750ml vodka bottle

1. Put it in a bottle and wait. I made this flavor combo up so who knows how it will be. I’ll let it sit a week and taste it to see how it is and throw some updates this way

2. SHOTS or in hot apple cider which is what I am excited about!

UPDATE: This is SUPER cinnamony, which is fine. Definitely not something I would drink by itself. Next time I may try one cinnamon stick and two vanilla beans. I will be buying some cider to try this in this week and let you know how it is. It’s been sitting for about a week at this point.

Once they have sat I will update and let you know if I added anything and how they are. If you have any ideas or have steeped your own flavored alcohol let me know! I’m looking for more delicious recipes =]


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