Spring Stir Fried Chicken


So this is my recipe for tomorrow’s lunch. The boy and I were both hungry so I made stir fry and then neither of us ate. I’ve made this recipe before and it’s awesome and I tried it today and it was awesome but as soon as dinner was ready I got the Charley horse of my life and the boy fell asleep watching South Park. So it went into containers for lunch tomorrow and I made myself some Ghirardelli  hot chocolate to make myself feel better. And some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins/Bread which I will post and link tomorrow. I make this exactly as written except for doubling the sauce so that it can flavor all of the rice and taking a few cooking shortcuts.

Spring Stir Fried Chicken

Original Recipe

Spring Stir Fried Chicken

1lb Chicken breasts, sliced. I probably only used 1/2lb today and LOADED up on veggies

Garlic salt


1 1/2T Minced garlic

2t Ginger

Stir fry veggies, I used carrots, pea pods, and broccoli. I like mushrooms too


2T Soy sauce

2T Lime juice

4T Water

2t Cornstarch

1. Heat oil in skillet or wok and add chicken. Sprinkle with garlic salt and then add garlic and ginger.

2. Add veggies according to how you like them cooked. I like mine mushy, so I add mine with the chicken to cook. If you like them crisper, add them once chicken is almost done cooking.

3. While chicken and veggies are cooking, stir together soy sauce, lime juice, cornstarch, and water. Once chicken is cooked thorough and veggies are done, add sauce to pan. Stir constantly until sauce is to your desired thickness

4. Serve over rice and enjoy =]


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