Cajun Shrimp Poboy


On yesterday’s fishing trip, which I did not partake on, the boys did pretty well. I enjoyed the day to myself. Well, until I woke up and remembered that the boy’s dad had dropped off his three dogs for us to watch while they were in Disney. That brings the dog total to four. Did I mention I was not a dog person? Luckily, they came home with a good amount of fish and a TON of shrimp. They bought three pounds of shrimp down by the gulf where they were fishing and the guy just took his snow shovel and shoveled until the cooler was full. After all the shrimp were beheaded and peeled we had a grand total of 9.8lbs of shrimp. Needless to say, we’re set for a little while.

Since Black Friday is coming up soon, I had a meeting to go to at work this evening. Even though the boy tends to fall asleep early, he assured me he would still be awake when I got off at nine. Oh no. He was passed out. I was also starving. And there were fresh shrimp in the fridge and no one to tell me no =] So I made the only thing any girl would do in this situation. Make shrimp! I made them in sandwich form for easier eating and to use up some veggies that will be going bad this week. I have no idea how many shrimp I used. I just grabbed a handful… and then grabbed one for just for eating haha

Cajun Shrimp Poboy

Cajun Shrimp Poboy

Handful of shrimp


Hoagie or bun


Pepper jack cheese

Mushroom, sliced

Lime juice

Cajun seasoning

1. Grab your handful of shrimp and lay them all in a pan so none are overlapping. Sprinkle them with lime juice (you really can’t have enough unless it looks like soup, that’s too much) and Cajun seasoning. Cook shrimp until they’re pink and opaque. Flipping halfway

2. Dress hoagie or bun with mushroom, lettuce, cheese, mayo, and a sprinkle of Cajun seasoning and cover with shrimp. Try to wait until you close the sandwich to eat it. Good Luck =]

Cajun Shrimp Poboy


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