Fish Fry!


Since the boy has his boat now, he has been fishing every weekend. If you read my last Fishing Trip post, you know we barely caught anything. But the weekend before they had a pretty good haul. We had about three pound of fish to fry on Monday. Now, where I’m from, we beer batter fish. In the south they use a fish fry. Comes in a bag, essentially cornmeal and spices. Well beer sounds better to me. These turned out decent, but no one could agree on how to fry them so we did a weird mixture of everything. I made beer batter, we dipped the fish in fish fry prior to the batter instead of flour, and there were a lot more things added to my beer batter that I normally don’t add. This is how I normally do beer batter


Original Recipe

Beer Batter


2c Flour

1c Beer

1T Baking powder

1t Lemon pepper

1t Cajun seasoning

1t Hot sauce

White fish, such as cod, tilapia, walleye

1. Mix flour, beer, baking soda, lemon pepper, Cajun, and hot sauce together. Whisk until there are no lumps. I usually use just a splash more beer to thin it out a little extra. Refrigerate for 15 minutes

2. While cooling, bring oil to a boil in a pan or pot

3. Coat fish in cornstarch and then dip in batter. Place in hot oil and fry until the top starts to crisp. Flip and fry until everything is golden brown.

4. Place on paper towels to cool and catch extra grease.

I have also used this batter to fry pickles and they are delicious!


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