Chargrilled Salsa =]


We cooked fish on the grill last night and I have been bound and determined to use up some peppers (bell and cayenne)and tomatoes I had bought from the farmers market way too long ago that had somehow not gone bad yet. So, since we were grilling, I decided to roast my peppers and tomatoes. They turned out delicious and black, just the way I like them. I put my peppers on whole but cut my tomatoes in half so the meat would char a little too. Once the skin is all blackened and they have cooled off enough to touch, you can just peel the black skin right off and you’re left with a delicious, soft, sweet pepper/tomato. I did take a bite of one of my peppers, but not the cayennes I used haha. My tongue would have fallen off. I also just used exactly what I had for veggies, so feel free to deviate from that.


Chargrilled Salsa

6 Tomatoes, halved

3 Bell peppers (I had 1 yellow and 2 red)

4 Cayenne peppers (Jalapenos would be good too)

1T Lime juice

1T Garlic salt

2T Minced garlic

1T Fresh chopped cilantro

1t Dried cilantro (I ran out of fresh and needed some more haha)

1. Heat up your grill super hot (you can also char these under your oven’s broiler, but you will lose the smoke-y flavor)

2. Put the bell and cayenne peppers on the grill and cover them. You want the skin to blister so check them every so often. Once one side is black flip them over and add the tomatoes, cut side down. Once the peppers are black all over take them off to cool. I left my tomatoes on long enough to just get the black lines on them and for them to be warm.

3. Once the peppers are cooled, peel all of the charred skin off. I don’t do this too perfect as a little charred skin helps with the flavor. Then open them up and deseed them. I took the seeds out of two of my cayenne peppers and it gave the perfect amount of heat.

4. Cut the peppers and tomatoes into chunks and pop in the blender or food processer and blend until smooth enough for you.

5. Add the garlic, lime juice, garlic salt, and cilantro. Mix all together and add any more flavor you think it needs.

6. I always let mine cool/flavor blend in the fridge for a little while before we eat it.



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