Balsamic Whiskey Steak


So the original plan for yesterday was steak. But I had worked 22 hours in the past two days with four hours of sleep as I didn’t get home until 1am from one job the first night so I passed out. So when I finally woke up this morning after a very luxurious 16 hours of sleep I was ready to marinate steak and reward myself. But alas, I was informed that the boy was making seafood gumbo as he had gone to his Mawmaw’s while I was sleeping and gotten a roux and some puréed okra with onions. So I wasn’t allowed to cook. When I got home from running errands I found him painting the guest bathroom and asked when we were eating. He forgot. So we’re making gumbo that will be done around midnight and ended up making the steaks anyways haha. I marinated them just while we were waiting for the charcoal on the grill to cool down so about 30 minutes or so.

Original Recipe

Balsamic Whiskey Steak

1 part whiskey

1 part balsamic vinegar

2 steaks

1. Mix whiskey and balsamic together and let steaks marinate between 30 min-2 hours

2. Cook steaks!


The verdict, it wasn’t too great. Decent steak still but the marinade really didn’t shine as brightly as I had hoped. Probably won’t make it again.


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  1. How did the marinade taste? I find marinades for steaks work better the longer they soak. Someone also had mentioned if you don’t have the time, to stab the meat with a fork a whole bunch of times to make “holes” for the marinade to soak in.

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