Zucchini and Carrot Lemon Soup


Since I’ve been so big into julienning my vegetables lately, I thought I would try them in a soup! Normally I just put them in my normal chicken noodle soup base (will post later), but since I had some wonderful lemon-y sauce leftover from last night’s shrimp, I decided to use that as the base to my broth. I diluted it with a little more chicken broth to cut out a little bit of the citrus flavor. It is delicious!


Zucchini and Carrot Lemon Soup

1/4c Citrus dill sauce (Recipe Here)

1 3/4c Chicken broth

Zucchini, julienned

Carrot, julienned

1. Bring sauce and broth to a boil

2. Add zucchini and carrots to the broth in the amounts you would like. I usually use equal parts of each vegetable and use as much as I can fit in the pot!


3. Boil for about five minutes. Since the carrots are cut so thin, they will cook very fast. They also give an awesome color to the broth; mine was almost clear before I added the veggies!


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